I Love having this deep conversation with my brother (:

- he just get it, instantly, and he gives me his insight about these men in this society .. It actually helps me tho, a LOT !

In like VS In love

I just think being ‘inlike’ is better than being ‘inlove’. Since nobody really knows what it feels like to be in love !

I’m falling again. & I can’t seem to pick myself back up. I know I’m not supposed to BUT I kinda, sorta, maybe like this feeling

That feeling when YOU can’t ever seem to let go of someone, even though you try so hard to do so. 3

It’s amazing how you can fall in love with someone YOU didn’t even noticed the first time you met them.



Why cant i seem to resist YOU? It’s like everything you do or say makes me fall even harder. I know I’m supposed to get over YOU already. It’s been months since we last hugged each other, i mean the HUG that lasts FOREVER, the HUG we know we BOTH like <3 . AND now, even though i tried so hard to avoid you, YOU just know how to get at me. You’re so good at this kind of things, i can’t even follow anymore. You make me feel like we still have this thing for each other BUT at the same time i know that YOU don’t. I’m so confused. I thought I got over this already, I thought I got over YOU -___- BUT everytime you do what you’re doing NOW. It just makes me rethink everything. hah IDK anymore. 


I’m not going to sit here hoping we’ll be together one day. I’m just going to wait for the right moment and the right time. If it happens, then that’s great. But if it doesn’t, then I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

TUMBLR : the only place where people read the “terms of service”

- oh how I LOVE TUMBLR ! 

There’s a difference between ” I Love You” and ” I’m in Love with You”..

I’ll take I’m in love with you anytime !!

- I didn’t mean to fall in love BUT I did, and you didn’t mean to love me back but I’m sure YOU did 3

- NOT loving you is harder than YOU know :/

- Gravity, the only thing that HOLDS me&#160;!

- Whoever does NOT love
Does NOT know God
Because GOD is LOVE

~John 4:8

- OMFG .. them two are so cute &lt;3. early Valentines Gift omg you two&#160;! you&#8217;re making me jelly&#160;!~ Gawd ..im so Forever Alone&#160;!

- I wish

Cause I see you with her slow dancing, tearing me apart cause you don’t see. Whenever you kiss her.. I’m breaking 3 oh how I wish .. That was me !